Spirit Tree Dawning

Acrylic on Canvas, 2017

The basis for this painting comes from a photo of a tree taken on another drive somewhere in or near the Woolwich Township area. I could really see the personality in this tree, and was inspired to create a drawing based directly on the photograph. The drawing is very stylized, and I was curious to see what might happen if I were to subject the drawing to various photo filters. I got a result which had very little to do with the drawing, but it had an appeal that I couldn’t ignore, so I decided to use the filtered image as the starting point of my tree painting. So, much of the initial personality of the tree is now wiped out….but… a different personality has arisen, and almost seems like it’s become an evergreen tree of sorts. I really liked the coolness that I felt from the tree, and I felt that this tree existed specifically to greet each new day with a quiet calmness in advance of the day’s hectic pace.